Leading Former Peers After Being Promoted

Leading Former Peers After Being Promoted

Have you ever been in a situation where you became your peers boss? Have you gone from an assistant coach to the head coach in the same program?

The same challenges exist, and if you haven’t, that situation is coming. One day you are joking around, frequently going to happy hour and having those “loose” conversations and then suddenly you become their leader and boss.

These types of former working relationships can serve as high potential derailers if one isn’t proactive in preparing, communicating expectations, defining roles and responsibilities, setting boundaries and reinforcing team cohesion.

What most leaders don’t realize is the skills and attributes that got you here won’t get you there…or keep you here.

Your leadership presence is on high alert and all eyes are on you. In a new role, a promotion, leading peers, and expectations have changed. Your reputation, credibility and leadership will consistently be challenged. What was permitted before, an occasional emotional outburst, will now be seen by peers as a strike to one’s reputation in terms of composure. Those same reactions have new expectations.

A leaders reputation when it comes to integrity, people skills, strategic business acumen and the ability to engage others, the Next Level is expected. Many companies and organizations have become ultra focused on leadership development for many reasons.

Promoting within organizations to the C-Suite and senior level positions has a higher success rate than externally recruited. High level leaders recruited from the outside, is almost seven times more likely to be “let go” within a short period of time than those who are promoted from within the organization. Leading and managing your peers will likely happen if you’re on this track.

I have found that many companies are investing in building and developing a sustainable leadership pipeline. My advice to you, continue to learn and grow. One day you will be managing and leading your peers and the time to prepare is now!

Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication Skills: Key to Happiness and Wellbeing

Are you evolving professionally, one that is in constant motion and change? One leadership skill that is a constant across all landscapes is being an effective communicator. An ON Point leader is a skilled communicator who has a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ).

Happiness is a product of EQ. Most people and leaders in organizations find it difficult to directly train, develop and create an environment of happiness. A workplace where people want to work and stay. Leading people and teams in the 21st century is being able to effectively lead multiple generations, build a diverse team, understand others and build relationships.

Strengthening communication skills is one of the most important improvements a person can make for their success in their work and personal life. Developing effective communication skills is a process and it will increase your happiness personally and professionally.  Communication challenges are one of the top reasons coaches are engaged. Strengthening this skill is a game changer.

What are signs of communication challenges in an organization?  People are not working together as a team. There is conflict and people are disengaged.  Other symptoms are blame, increasing mistakes, messaging is unclear and people are unaware of roles and changes.  The inability to be an effective communicator effects everyone’s happiness and wellbeing.

How can communication improve when there are these warning signs?  Listen carefully. You must learn what caused the communication problem in the first place. EQ in self-awareness, how to manage our response and understanding other styles is critical.   Learn how to communicate and motivate each individual on your team.

After uncovering the cause and challenges, help your team understand their strengths and solutions in moving forward. It is important to communicate the things that are going well.

It is up to you to improve and strengthen your communication skills. Being an effective communicator is the key to happiness and overall wellbeing for you, your team and organization.

Resiliency and Stamina

Developing Next Level Resiliency and Stamina

I am back!

Many of you have asked where I’ve been the past month. Whew…I have been traveling a ton for my business. I have been speaking, leadership training and have added many new clients in the past two months. It’s been a lot and so much fun! 

Over the past few months, two words come to mind: Stamina and Resiliency. Stamina and resiliency are two words that are very relevant with my clients, leadership teams and my audience’s lives today. What does your resiliency fitness look like when the heat is on?

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Inspiration or a Pep Talk

Do you need Inspiration or a Pep Talk?

I received an email this week from a very successful senior vice president from the west coast in healthcare. “We exchanged emails a couple of months ago. I need some inspiration and wondered if you would have a few minutes for a phone call, maybe during your airport time or whatever is convenient. Please let me know if you can fit something in.”

Have you ever received a call for help and ignored it, were too busy or asked yourself – why me?  Luckily, I wasn’t traveling and had a week at home catching up from a busy July and preparing for a whirlwind September. We scheduled a time to talk, and for an hour this successful executive poured out their heart and soul.

They were fired a few months ago, or “let go”, (I like to soften the F word), from their senior level executive position. They doubted themselves; they were deflated, wounded, and tentative, left with no confidence to move forward like an executive should. As I listened to their story, I could relate to everything they experienced.

Pam, I need to hear your story, what did you experience, how did you handle this, how did you get where you’re at now?” I told my story, (the cliff note version) it was very similar but corporate, and my story was public. After an hour, I snapped into Coach mode. I said, “you must be resilient, believe in yourself and don’t let anyone ever take away what you’ve accomplished. There was a reason you were sitting in that chair and don’t forget it. We talked about one’s mindset, new leadership, it’s not about you and get back out there and fight!

After a lengthy Pep Talk and a dose of inspiration, I said there is another opportunity out there that is even better.  Stay visible and relevant and carry yourself like an executive.  You got this!

There are so many people that go through adversity professionally that it’s more common than not. It’s how we handle adversity. Adversity made me better, tougher, stronger and it’s taken me to another level as a leader and Coach. Adversity opened doors that I never knew existed.  The same can happen for you too…with a little inspiration and a Pep Talk!

“Coach” Has Always Had The Biggest Impact On Our Lives… They Still Do!

There are many programs and professionals available to help us to achieve all types of goals — people hire coaches to help them with almost anything.

Setting goals are easy and fun, finding motivation for achieving them can be challenging. It is no different when it comes to our professional goals. One’s DRIVE is an attribute successful executives, entrepreneurs and elite athletes have in common. You can set goals, but will you force yourself to reach them if no one is pushing or challenging you to be accountable to yourself? Most of us, sadly, are not.

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Stay True To Yourself As A Leader – Courage and Grit

It’s easy to say, hard to do.

The further you climb up the ladder, there is more expected from you as a leader. Changing your title, new skill sets are needed and required – more is expected.

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Is it the Kids Who Have Changed?

The millennial generation is a common topic of discussion and on the minds of many coaches, teachers and employers.  Many people I have spoken to recently, say the conversation is getting old and stale. The general consensus from the public is that kids today are lacking – they avoid hard work, make excuses, they are entitled, and they take things for granted. The frustration is rampant and many are trying to crack the code with solutions, ideas and countless hours of training. Instead, conversations should be around leading and managing a multi-generational workplace where there are 5 generations in the workplace.

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Leadership Lessons from a Final Four Coach

Leadership styles were on display during the NCAA Final Four last month. Getting to a Final Four as a coach and player is the ultimate goal. There are leadership lessons that every coach at this level has in common.

How did their teams manage to get to a final four? While everyone has different styles, every final four coach has a similar big picture approach. What is the big picture for your team and organization? What is your vision? Have you taken the time to really nail down your strategy and message to your stakeholders?

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How to Survive and Advance For Leaders

March Madness was inspiring watching teams compete and reaching the pinnacle of success in the coaching profession. Every leader, coach, or business should watch how these high-performing teams survive and advance. It’s eye opening and it should motivate you to have a game plan to strive for your own pinnacle of success in life, your career or in business. Read more

My Leadership Lessons From Coaching in Sweet 16’s

March Madness is the best time of year for anyone. Coaching college basketball for 27 years, allowed me to have multiple opportunities to coach my teams to Sweet 16’s. There is nothing better than preparing your team, celebrating with your fans, and traveling to the semi-final and regional games. Read more