Resiliency and Stamina

Developing Next Level Resiliency and Stamina

I am back!

Many of you have asked where I’ve been the past month. Whew…I have been traveling a ton for my business. I have been speaking, leadership training and have added many new clients in the past two months. It’s been a lot and so much fun! 

Over the past few months, two words come to mind: Stamina and Resiliency. Stamina and resiliency are two words that are very relevant with my clients, leadership teams and my audience’s lives today. What does your resiliency fitness look like when the heat is on?

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Is it the Kids Who Have Changed?

The millennial generation is a common topic of discussion and on the minds of many coaches, teachers and employers.  Many people I have spoken to recently, say the conversation is getting old and stale. The general consensus from the public is that kids today are lacking – they avoid hard work, make excuses, they are entitled, and they take things for granted. The frustration is rampant and many are trying to crack the code with solutions, ideas and countless hours of training. Instead, conversations should be around leading and managing a multi-generational workplace where there are 5 generations in the workplace.

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How to Survive and Advance For Leaders

March Madness was inspiring watching teams compete and reaching the pinnacle of success in the coaching profession. Every leader, coach, or business should watch how these high-performing teams survive and advance. It’s eye opening and it should motivate you to have a game plan to strive for your own pinnacle of success in life, your career or in business. Read more

My Leadership Lessons From Coaching in Sweet 16’s

March Madness is the best time of year for anyone. Coaching college basketball for 27 years, allowed me to have multiple opportunities to coach my teams to Sweet 16’s. There is nothing better than preparing your team, celebrating with your fans, and traveling to the semi-final and regional games. Read more

Competition in the Workplace

Competition in the Workplace

March Madness is here and as a college basketball coach for 27 years, my biggest competitor was always myself. When I was younger, I was so driven and strived to consistently improve on my own results.  Today, I coach clients on how they can compete – against themselves, against metrics, and against other competitors – in order to grow and sustain their business. Read more

3 Ways to Help Your Team Reach Their Full Potential

I am constantly asked by leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, managers, and others how they can get the most out of their teams.  As an ON Point leader, there are many different ways to get your team to perform to their full potential.  The old school way was being negative, authoritative, and in your face – those days are gone.  The power of positivity – is POWERFUL! Leadership in the 21st century is cultivating, caring, and nurturing your people and teams. When this happens, you will get more out of your team than they ever expected.  It’s the ON Point leaders responsibility to lead their team from the strongest to the weakest link in become a high performing team. Read more


Think Tank Time

In today’s world, leaders are so incredibly busy that they don’t have time for what is a vital and necessary component of their day. They are all doing so many different tasks, have so many responsibilities, have fires to put out, working over 40 hours a week; people are finding they don’t have time to just THINK!

I was dining with one of my executives the other day, and they communicated their frustration to me, “When will I have time to think? My schedule is full with meetings and issues and I need a block of time to think!”

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