3 Ways to Help Your Team Reach Their Full Potential

I am constantly asked by leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, managers, and others how they can get the most out of their teams.  As an ON Point leader, there are many different ways to get your team to perform to their full potential.  The old school way was being negative, authoritative, and in your face – those days are gone.  The power of positivity – is POWERFUL! Leadership in the 21st century is cultivating, caring, and nurturing your people and teams. When this happens, you will get more out of your team than they ever expected.  It’s the ON Point leaders responsibility to lead their team from the strongest to the weakest link in become a high performing team.

 3 Keys that leaders must do in order to develop high performing teams and future leaders within their organizations:

 1)    Communicate Expectations

What are your expectations from your team?  What is the vision, goals, and strategy in order to accomplish great things? Your expectations should be clearly defined without question. If you wonder why something isn’t getting done, ask yourself if you are clear on what’s expected.  You will get exactly what you expect.  If you expect extraordinary results and greatness, then that’s what you will get. Provide the vision, direction, and motivation in order to accomplish great things.  You must effectively communicate expectations, if not, you will get mediocrity at best. If you’re a leader who avoids hard conversations –  you will get exactly what you expect.

2)    Provide Immediate Feedback

Feedback, positive and constructive must be communicated on a consistent basis. Your people and teams deserve it, need it and want it.  Some leaders find it difficult to give positive feedback, encouragement, and a pat on the back. It’s important to communicate their value, you care and appreciate them.  When you can do that, then the constructive feedback will be taken less personal.  When you see someone doing well, recognize and appreciate their efforts – they will run through a wall for you and the organization.

3)    Hold Everyone Accountability.

If you have people on your team who can hold themselves accountable, driven and self-motivated, you’re lucky to have those people on your team.  Train and expect others to hold themselves accountable first.  It’s also critical to have accountability within the team and organization. The team expects everyone to work hard, bring energy, and to perform their role to the best of their ability.  Self-accountability and accountability within the team are what leaders want and need on their teams and in organizations. If you don’t have the people or team that have these qualities, then the ON Point leader is on deck. It’s then the leaders role to hold the team accountable for what’s expected.

Leaders must be consistent with the three critical keys. If so, you will become a consistent, and reliable leader who people want to work with. Your teams will perform at a high level and function as a high performing team.  You have people on your team who are very talented and work hard. You also have people on your teams who are high maintenance. As an ON Point leader, expectations must clear, provide immediate feedback, and bring accountability. Leaders with high performing teams win consistently and have sustainable organizations and teams year after year.



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