5 Keys to Conquering Conflict in the Workplace and in Your Life

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5 Keys to Conquering Conflict in the Workplace and in Your Life

Conflict in the Workplace

The only thing worse than conflict…is unresolved conflict! Avoiding conflict creates a dysfunctional culture, destroys relationships, and derails teams. I’m sure you can think of several examples off the top of your head.

Unfortunately, the most common way to deal with conflict is to avoid it. It’s only natural. We self-protect. Can you think of anyone who actually enjoys dealing with conflict? There is always the excuse that you’re too busy or you’ll get to it at some point. What we really hope is that it will magically disappear.

Unresolved conflict is different from lack of conflict. People intuitively know when something is wrong. When leaders fail to address an issue, employees will write their own story themselves. Water cooler talk increases, and culture and trust decrease.

Leaders are encouraged to be more empathic and aware of what causes conflict. They need to be on top of it with real time feedback, aware of unmet expectations, and identify those saboteurs who are not aligned with the vision.

Once leaders master self-awareness and become more knowledgeable about the many causes of conflict, they are better prepared to address them in real time. Most leaders today are intellectually competent, but the level of emotional incompetence is what holds leaders, teams and organizations back from getting ahead of their competition and sustaining their current success.

5 Keys to Conquering Conflict in the Workplace and in Your Life:

  1. Gather information

Learn. Acknowledge.


  1. Find the source

What happened before that triggered the conflict.


  1. Ask both parties for solutions

Ask them how to fix it and be part of the solution.


  1. Best solution for the team and organization

It’s not about ME, it’s about WE.


  1. Come to agreement

Accountability is key.