Embracing Feedback

Last week, I sat in with one of my clients and their leadership team for their meeting. Afterwards, one team leader stayed behind and asked to speak with me. He wanted suggestions and advice on how to handle some feedback he had just received from his supervisor. He shared that he tends to get very…
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Building Confidence and a Champion Mindset

Like many of you, I have been glued to the TV these past few weeks watching the Olympic games in Rio. In particular, I enjoy watching swimming, women’s gymnastics and of course watching Lindsay Whalen win her second gold medal, but all of the athletes are amazing in their own right and all of them…
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4 OnPoint Ways to Engage Your Employees and Teams

Watch my Facebook Video I broadcasted LIVE from New York City (one of my favorite places because of the amazing food, music, Broadway shows, and people watching!). I wanted to get you some information on a huge missed opportunity for many leaders and organizations. Just take a look at Forbes or The Wall Street Journal,…
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