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Next Level Leadership

Real Time Feedback

Real Time Feedback … a Game Changer

Feedback is a gift and real time feedback is Breakfast for Champions! One of the greatest gifts a leader can give is immediate feedback. If you’re in a leadership position and have a team, you’re a Coach. Imagine a sports coach not providing real time feedback during a 40 minute basketball game or four quarters…
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Is it the Kids Who Have Changed?

The millennial generation is a common topic of discussion and on the minds of many coaches, teachers and employers.  Many people I have spoken to recently, say the conversation is getting old and stale. The general consensus from the public is that kids today are lacking – they avoid hard work, make excuses, they are…
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Embracing Feedback

Last week, I sat in with one of my clients and their leadership team for their meeting. Afterwards, one team leader stayed behind and asked to speak with me. He wanted suggestions and advice on how to handle some feedback he had just received from his supervisor. He shared that he tends to get very…
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