Government Consulting

Next Level Leadership

PBP Consulting Group has formally entered the government consulting arena.

Given the unique challenges that governmental agencies, federal and state are experiencing, we are looking forward to expanding our services to other governmental clients. We began working with various law enforcement organizations, their leadership, program leaders for “Leading in the 21st Century” with the primary focus on executive leadership and coaching, resilience training and development, emotional intelligence, mental wellness and building high performing teams in a worldwide leadership development program.

GSA Schedule…in progress.

We offer a full range of federal executive leadership development, coaching, training, and management training support through our professional services.

Ready to get Started?

PBP Consulting Group is ready to support your federal government executive leadership development programs. We will support and transform your people, teams and agency. The scope, approach, success, influence, impact and improving productivity to accomplish your vision and expectations, has never been more complex than now.