How to Build High Performing Teams

building high performance teams

When starting a new job and position, the main focus for the ON Point leader should be building a strong and high performing team.

A few of my clients were emerging leaders and high-performers in their organizations and since been promoted to first-time directors or managers. In their new positions, they need to excel at what they do as well as successfully build and manage a team. They need to be able to manage a staff and be a successful leader for their teams.

Hiring and building a team is not easy. Most do not understand how critical this is to have a successful team. One must first assemble, recruit, and hire the right people. Putting a team together is an art and one of the most important things you will ever do. In order to be successful and get the results you want, surround yourself with good people. Once the team is assembled, the focus shifts to how to build a high-performing team and to maintain that level every year. From one year to the next, you may bring new people on or you may lose some and your team may look different every year. Very few have the formula or ability to maintain success year after year.

In building high performing teams, the key is to focus on people’s strengths and their capabilities. I have always been a strength-based coach and now I coach CEOs, senior VPs, managers directors, head coaches, and more. Focusing on what people can do instead of the things they can not do is the power of positivity. This may seem obvious, but many people focus on what their teams and people can’t do. Focusing on strengths creates a mindset of positivity and paves a path to high-performing teams. It creates a mindset of winning. I’ve built many winning teams over the course of three decades, and now I help leaders in business put together and nurture championship teams. In working with them, they learn very quickly that it’s not about them, but it’s about the people they surround themselves with.

Inspire your team and organization with your vision. Get your people to buy into their roles and responsibilities. As an On Point leader, heading into your season or a new year is a new adventure and experience. Embrace it!

For more information about the 7 attributes in building high-performing teams, check out Chapter 8 of my book! There you will learn how you can build a successful team and maintain that level year after year.


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