Is it the Kids Who Have Changed?

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Is it the Kids Who Have Changed?

The millennial generation is a common topic of discussion and on the minds of many coaches, teachers and employers.  Many people I have spoken to recently, say the conversation is getting old and stale. The general consensus from the public is that kids today are lacking – they avoid hard work, make excuses, they are entitled, and they take things for granted. The frustration is rampant and many are trying to crack the code with solutions, ideas and countless hours of training. Instead, conversations should be around leading and managing a multi-generational workplace where there are 5 generations in the workplace.

Have kids really changed?


“Kids haven’t changed, we’ve changed.”
Frank Martin, S.C. Head Basketball Coach
2017 Final 4 Appearance


Many people are questioning whether it’s the kids or the adults who have changed. Here are a few tips I learned coaching and leading across generation for years. If you are looking to improve your hiring practices, retention rates, produce results with any generation…here are a few tips.


Surround Yourself With the Right People

Whether you are a head coach or human resources executive, it’s time to look at the caliber of candidates and people you are recruiting. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility, as the leader, to recruit and hire the right people.

Are you surrounding yourself with the right individuals? Do you have the right people on your team? Hiring mistakes will make or break you, your business and your organization.  Hiring is an art and something that many do not enjoy because it is difficult to get it right.

Understanding your own leadership style and approach is critical.  Surrounding yourself with people who compliment and fill your gaps is how you build a successful team. The individual, who looks best on paper, isn’t always the right person for the job. Who fits the organizations values, wants to be there, works hard, and isn’t always looking for the next job should be towards the top of the list.  

I always wanted people on my team with high standards, held themselves accountable, strong work ethic, driven and receptive to feedback. After recruiting and hiring for most of my career, I found the right formula and realized that this is the most important thing you do.


Communicate Your Expectations

Be very clear and concise on what your expectations are before you bring someone on board. Stay true to your values and to yourself when it comes to the people you surround yourself with. As soon as you doubt yourself, change your approach and lower the standards, this is when you get yourself in trouble.  Hire people that fit your style, values and expectations.


Provide Immediate Feedback

Real-time feedback is expected. You will get exactly what you expect. If supervisors through the executive level leaders are waiting to provide feedback at a quarterly review, or the end of the year – it’s too late.  The ship has already sailed and it is the responsibility of the leader or manager to provide positive and constructive feedback immediately. Hire or recruit people that want feedback, want to be coached and be top producers.


Accountability Brings Results

It’s important to have individuals who hold themselves accountable, a culture of accountability within the team, and then the rest is up to the one in charge or the one who is ON Point. If not, again, you will get exactly what you expect. Have a system in place for your team, each other, and their overall performance.

Perhaps it isn’t the kids who have drastically changed; maybe it’s the adults and who have changed. Surround yourself with the right people, communicate expectations, provide immediate feedback and accountability must be relevant and visible within the culture.  Recruit and hire the best people for your team and organization.



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