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Pam Borton is a professional keynote speaker who shares her personal experiences to motivate, inspire and empower audiences to achieve better results and more personal fulfillment from their work. Pam has been influencing individuals, teams and organizations for more than a decade by sharing her executive consulting and successful coaching background in dynamic keynote presentations across the country. Clients of every size and in every industry have benefited from her insights on effective leadership, peak performance, creating a strong culture, and managing through transformational change. Pam shares the stories of successes and challenges from her own career, as well as lessons learned from her work with leading organizations and brands. And, she translates all of it into insights that your organization can benefit from. Pam’s work has made an impact, difference and has created incredible results for audiences nationally and internationally.

Professional keynote topics include:


Business is full of conversations—hard ones, high-stakes ones, game-changing ones—and sometimes communicating is the hardest thing for many leaders to do well. We have a tendency to skip celebrating small successes, and be afraid of (and bad at) the tough conversations. We shy away from them, or ignore them entirely. But these tough conversations are often the most critical for business, strategic partnerships, and developing your pipeline for success. Pam discusses the importance of creating a culture of expectations, clear and open communication, and the importance of delivering feedback that motivates individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.


Workplace culture is critical. You have to build culture like you build your business. However, most leaders and organizations spend more time on their daily tasks, processes and business strategies, and less time on building a sustainable culture from an emotional perspective. As a professional keynote speaker, Pam discusses how to build a strengths and values-driven culture that promotes overall wellness where the emphasis is on the people and driving results.


The biggest difference between college athletics and corporate America is the concept of team. In athletics, building functional and high-performing teams is the norm and the expectation to win on game day. The absence of working together and performing cohesively in business has corporate America turned upside down. The reality is that building and working on teams are not the norm for most in the workplace. The million-dollar question is, how? How do I motivate team members? How can I utilize the whole team and get everyone heading in the same direction? How can I implement simple processes that will get real results? As a professional keynote speaker, Pam shares how to build and create high-performing teams from the landscape of athletics.


The business landscape and expectations change rapidly the higher you climb the corporate ladder, which forces you to adapt and evolve quickly and simultaneously. Likewise, other people’s behaviors and expectations shift, and you need to learn how to create new ways for businesses and stakeholders to interact with you. Perception is reality so creating perception that supports your new title is critical. In this keynote presentation, Pam discusses the expectations, opportunities and challenges faced when climbing the ladder for first time managers and cracking into this new space. Expectations continue to change and the bar rises, which means you must elevate your leadership presence and learn to manage people effectively. It challenges audiences to think about and prepare the next generation of leaders and plan for succession before moving them into leadership positions.


The power of positivity is just that: Powerful! Leadership is influence and people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. This kind of  influential leader is focused on people, and getting people from where they are to a place they have never been. This is created purposefully, intentionally and inclusively across every level of an organization. As a professional keynote speaker, Pam explores how leaders can influence teams, employees and companies, so people can flourish and want to stay engaged.


According to research, 70 percent of your workplace culture is traced to the leader. What is the leader doing or not doing? High emotional intelligence is required for executive level leaders and is invaluable to successful business today. They influence people around them, promote innovation, grow bottom lines, and introduce new perspectives to established companies. But more than anything, they bring an energy that benefits the workplace. In this keynote presentation, Pam delves into the attributes an emotional intelligent leaders possesses: self-awareness, an ability to manage relationships, exhibit ownership, take responsibility and make difficult decisions.


  • Creating a Culture of Accountability
  • Leading Through Transformational Change
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