Stay True To Yourself As A Leader – Courage and Grit

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Stay True To Yourself As A Leader – Courage and Grit

It’s easy to say, hard to do.

The further you climb up the ladder, there is more expected from you as a leader. Changing your title, new skill sets are needed and required – more is expected.

Leaders face daily challenges, misperceptions, scrutiny and decisions questioned, becomes the norm. No one is going to hand over a manual with a how to in all that leaders will face. Embrace learning on the job, going through the fire and embrace learning from taking risks and making mistakes.

Were you that person who said, when I’m in that chair this is what I would do, this is how I would do it and had all the answers? Of course, we all have said that. In reality, when we get there we are actually saying, no one ever told me this. I didn’t realize how hard it was to be six inches over in the other chair. I had no idea.

Many times doubt will creep in, we will question ourselves, and feel like we’re all alone. It takes a true leader to take courage and grit as a daily multi-vitamin.

Leaders face daily situations when individuals, teams, and performance breaks down – taking the high road and displaying grace under fire, this may be the difference between winning and losing.

To be an ON Point leader, you must surround yourself with thought leaders and support from those who have real experience and who have been in the trenches. Those who have “been there” know what loneliness feels like. Staying the course and focusing on the process is a direction leaders must set.

It’s daunting accepting the responsibility and agreeing to sit in that chair. All eyes are on you, and the buck starts and stops with you. Some leaders wilt under pressure and some choose not to accept the mantle of executive level positions.

It is powerful and exhilarating to face the unexpected, to take action, and to come out on the other side (often not unscathed!). These experiences build and build, layer upon layer, and you become resilient in managing chaos and converting adversity into opportunity. You learn to become a purposeful and effective leader. As unexpected moments arrive, they will look different each time, but the scars you earn and the knowledge you gain will ready you for a new battle.

Courage and grit are critical traits. Through the toughest of times, when challenged to exercise grace under fire, the ON Point leader will need a heavy dose of both on your leadership journey.

Good Luck!