5 Things We Can All Learn From the Eagles and Patriots

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5 Things We Can All Learn From the Eagles and Patriots

With the Super Bowl taking up most of our time these past few weeks, it reminds us that even if you are not an athlete and you’ve never played sports, everyone is still drawn to this MINDSET. Sports are the window and the example of what goes on in our culture, it’s entertainment and everyone wants to be part of it.

From the sports world to the business world, here are five things that we all can learn from the Eagles and the New England Patriots:

  1. The Eagles played with a back-up quarterback. If you surround the ON Point leader with talent, the right systems, and people who believe…you will reach your own Super Bowl
  2. There’s a reason the New England Patriots have been to the Super Bowl eight out of the last seventeen years – management and leadership
  3. Grace under fire was demonstrated on Sunday afternoons in front of millions, week after week – both head coaches and quarterbacks
  4. Both teams have faced injuries all season. There have been no excuses! “Next man up”! Many people blame the losses and season on injuries…not championship organizations
  5. It’s no secret in sports or business that the coaches and the teams we respect the most, achieved their greatest results with a great captain

In order to sustain greatness, the most important thing a chief executive must do is develop a genuine partnership of equals with their most important front line manager/leader.

The truth about coaches is that we are only as good as our captains. The truth about chief executives, we are only as good as our chief operating officer – our true captain.