Executive Coaching for
Individuals & Teams

Next Level Leadership

We empower leaders and teams to develop and execute strategic action plans, clarify goals, build consensus, increase accountability, improve communication, overcome obstacles, and create a championship culture. We facilitate corporate leadership development to help teams collaborate and work more efficiently in today’s complex environments. We also help our clients focus on overall wellbeing and build resilience and a positive mindset which allows them to stay competitive in the workplace, become more effective and fulfilled leaders, higher functioning individuals, and lead teams that achieve greater results and get to the next level.


PBP Consulting Group specializes in an array of executive consulting services for executives from senior leaders to middle management and project management teams. Our executive consulting and coaching services include:

  • CEO and C-suite coaching: We partner with senior leaders to equip them to lead their organizations and teams through transformation. We share our unbiased view and provide candid feedback you may not be getting internally that will help you take your business to the next level.
  • Leadership team development: We help leaders develop into the most effective professionals they can be, harnessing their strengths to help them overcome obstacles and engage their team members in new ways.
  • Succession planning: We help leaders plan for tomorrow today, identifying and preparing top performers for the roles they’ll ultimately fill to ensure business continuity and success through planned—and unplanned—leadership changes.
  • Preparing for mergers, acquisitions and scaling for growth: We help organizations navigate the complexities associated with bringing distinct organizations together, including the impact that creates on individuals, teams and corporate culture. We also help companies evolve and expand while preserving the unique characteristics that attracted clients and employees in the first place.
  • Engaging employees: We help leaders understand the many drivers of employee motivation and how to most effectively manage individual employees to help them perform to their fullest potential. This includes helping employees identify what they do best, what they most enjoy, and the career path they want to pursue.
  • Developing high-performing teams: We work with teams to help them identify and overcome barriers to working together effectively. This includes understanding and appreciating the unique strengths of each member, learning about various work styles and what motivates each person, and ultimately how to bring it all together to accomplish more together than they could individually.


For more than a decade, clients of every size and in industries spanning finance, retail, IT, hospitality, higher education, healthcare and more have benefited from our executive consulting services, insights on effective leadership, peak performance, creating a strong culture, and managing through transformational change. Our President and CEO, Pam Borton, shares personal stories of successes and challenges from her own celebrated career as a university basketball coach, as well as lessons learned from her work with leading organizations and brands, from Fortune 500 corporations and smaller, privately owned companies to nonprofits and government entities. And, she translates all of it into insights that your organization can benefit from.

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