Executive Coaching for
Individuals & Teams

Next Level Leadership

As ICF senior executive coaches, we empower our clients to develop into high valuing individuals and teams. Our approach is unique to each client with a strategic action plan, clear goals, accountability, transparency, communication, building trust and create a championship culture. We develop a coaching culture to collaborate and work more effectively together in complex environments and challenges. We help our clients to develop a mindset of corporate athletes that will holistically provide a competitive advantage in the workplace.


PBP Consulting Group specializes in an array of executive consulting services for senior leaders to middle management. Our executive coaching and consulting services include:

  • CEO and C-suite coaching: We partner with senior leaders to equip them to lead their organizations and teams through transformation. We share our unbiased view and provide candid feedback you may not be getting internally that will help you take your business and team to the next level.
  • Leadership team development: Executive and Leadership Team Offsite is the start of any organization’s journey to becoming a high performance team. It provides the opportunity for a leadership team to assess their organization’s overall health, to meaningfully improve their team’s cohesiveness and alignment, and to identify immediate actions which drive transformation.
  • Succession planning: Build a deep bench, identifying and preparing top performers for the roles they’ll ultimately fill to ensure business continuity and success through planned—and unplanned—leadership changes.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Navigate the complexities associated with bringing organizations together, including the impact that it takes to build ONE team and ONE culture. We help companies evolve and expand while preserving their values.
  • Employee engagement: There are many drivers of motivation and how to manage employees to perform at their best. Recruiting, hiring, growth and retaining top talent is an art.
  • Developing high-performing teams: The best teams have a team coach in order to work better together. Understanding the unique strengths of each team member, learning and understanding styles and motivations of each person, and developing into a high valuing team.

Our approach is practical, relevant and proven.

Our team is experienced in delivering executive and leadership team offsites and custom journeys in both in-person and virtual settings. We recognize the benefits of both options and will work to design the most effective method for your unique circumstance.

Executive Offsite

The perfect starting point for any team and organizational health endeavor, our leadership off-site is a highly interactive, fast-paced sessions to help leadership teams assess their organization’s overall health, build trust, collaboration and maximize their talents.


High Performing Team and Organization

Fully leveraging the organizational health requires on-going focus and effort by CEOs and their teams. Our team coaches design and lead a unique and proven process that will ensure the long-term establishment of culture, team and organizational health.