Senior Executive Coaching

Senior Executive Coaching for Individuals & Teams

As ICF senior executive coaches, we empower our clients to develop into high valuing individuals and teams. Our approach is unique to each client with a strategic action plan, clear goals, accountability, transparency, communication, building trust and create a championship culture. We develop a coaching culture to collaborate and work more effectively together in complex environments and challenges. We help our clients to develop a mindset of corporate athletes that will holistically provide a competitive advantage in the workplace.


PBP Consulting Group specializes in an array of executive consulting services for senior leaders to middle management.

Senior Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching and consulting services include:

CEO and C-Suite Coaching

We partner with senior leaders to equip them to lead their organizations and teams through transformation. 

Leadership Team Development

Executive and Leadership Team Offsite is the start of any organization’s journey to becoming a high performance team.

Succession Planning

Build a deep bench, identifying and preparing top performers for the roles they’ll ultimately fill to ensure business continuity and success.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We partner with senior leaders to equip them to lead their organizations and teams through transformation. 

Employee Engagement

There are many drivers of motivation and how to manage employees to perform at their best. Recruiting, hiring, growth and retaining top talent is an art.

Developing High-Performing Teams

The best teams have a team coach in order to work better together, and developing into a high valuing team.

I am so happy I selected Pam Borton as my Executive Coach. I had a great experience and it was transformational to see and feel my growth as a person and leader. By diligently completing the homework assignments and pushing the limits of my comfort zone, I was able to drastically improve my emotional intelligence in the areas of interpersonal relationships and communication skills in the workplace. Pam also taught me skills to help improve my overall well-being and happiness both personally and professionally. With hard work and dedication to my goals, the accountability enabled me to improve my EQ score by 27 points in all the subscales combined. The success metrics proved that executive coaching works.

Michelle Orner, Quality Manager, Penn State Berkey Creamery

Pam Borton brought her experience as a senior executive coach and a successful Division I basketball coach to the Saint Paul Police Departments (SPPD) Senior Command Staff and to the Women’s Leadership Conference. Through her stories of breaking down barriers and building high performance teams, she inspired and motivated the SPPD Commands and their teams to develop their personal roadmap and take their leadership to the next level.

Deputy Chief Mary Nash, Saint Paul Police Department.