The Crooked Rim

The Crooked Rim helps readers to overcome the crooked rims in their life in order to reach their “Final Four” – their personal and professional pinnacle of success.

It takes a holistic approach to navigate roadblocks and to deliver the level of excellence that is expected today. It takes the same approach elite athletes use to train to be the best. Everything needs to be in check. Corporate athletes must train in the same way to perform at their best, but most try to accomplish this without the knowledge or coaching

I first learned these principles and strategies in my childhood growing up on a farm, and that foundation enabled me to coach basketball at the highest collegiate levels and in the most competitive arenas – including an NCAA Final Four – and now in the boardrooms of some of the world’s most successful leaders. 

Remember, your mind is the most powerful muscle in the body, and it can either propel you to new heights or prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. The good news is that you have complete control over your mind. This has been a powerful source of strength in my own growth and development and I hope it does the same for you.

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