5 Keys to become a better communicator.

5 Keys to become a better communicator

The most effective leaders are great communicators!

I can tell you from my past experience as an athletic coach and now an executive coach, we can all become better communicators. Throughout your teams and your organizations, we work with so many different types of people that having the skill to communicate effectively is such an integral skill.

Here Are 5 Keys to Become A Better Communicator.

1) Influential Communication

One must be able to craft a vision, a shared vision. Where are you heading as a team and organization? If there’s not a shared vision, what are you communicating to your employees and staff? You must deliver an inspiring vision, and deliver it in a way that will get people to buy-in. An effective communicator can rally the troops, the team, and your organization to get everyone involved and excited about what you’re doing and where you’re going.

2) Communicate Across Styles

We are not all motivated the same and we have different preferences and tendencies on how we work effectively. As a leader, it’s critical to have the ability to communicate across all styles and generations within your teams and organization. Leaders who can adapt have increased effectiveness, get results, and they motivate people consistently. This is a skill that takes leaders to the next level – being an effective communicator. It’s also important to learn people’s strengths, communicate them and leverage these. You’ll be able to work more effectively with others, resolve conflicts, accomplish greater results, and create a culture of wellness with the ability to communicate across all styles.

3) Listen

This is such an underrated skill and becoming a better communicator is to listen. There are many leaders who do all of the talking, run a majority of their staff meetings, and have all the answers. Instead, listen in your staff meetings, be receptive to others ideas, suggestions, and opinions and be more open.

4) You’re Always On

As leaders, you’re always in front of people, have a mic, on TV, or around large groups of people – all the time. You’re always ON Point. Even if you’re having a conversation and say something off the cuff or out of the workplace, remember you are always ON. Be aware – your always on and people are watching and listening to every move and word you say. Becoming an effective communicator is to stop, pause, and think before speaking. It’s tougher to go back and try to change or explain yourself later on. As the leader, eyes are on you.

5) Stick to the Script

Sticking to the script has helped my messaging, staying on track, and not giving too much information. Be prepared, thoughtful, organized, have bullet points and stick to them. If you’re delivering news that may effect the company, community or your team, it is helpful to stick to the script. This also helps if you are going to have a difficult conversation and confront someone with an issue. Have a cheat sheet or note card to keep your message and words on track. It’s easy to get off track and the conversation starts going in another direction – this can be helpful. Craft the message, stay ON Point, engage your people…this is a big part of becoming an effective communicator.
Becoming an effective communicator is a critical skill that leaders must develop. If there’s a breakdown in your professional or personal life, most of the time it’s a lack of or ineffective communication. Communication is a skill that leaders must hone. Your best leaders are the best communicators.