Make Goals Happen

1. Master the Front Court – Leadership Tips – “Make Goals Happen”

It’s not a secret that I’m incredibly driven and goal-oriented. But what you may not know is that the very first thing I built, before a championship Final 4 team, was a championship mindset. The next thing was to create a vision and to set a common goal. For an analogy, think of a long journey or a marathon…picture crossing that finish line. Leading a team and an organization is about inspiring others to see the vision, buy into the journey, and believe in the goal.

My mindset in making goals happen is all about the desire to leave a lasting legacy. One of my favorite books is by Stephen Coven, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, examines what it really takes to be successful. Covey agrees that people are born with an innate need to leave a legacy, that each person wants to live a life that matters, to make their time on earth count, and to have a profound sense of purpose and meaning.

Elite athletes and coaches are motivated by the need to leave a lasting legacy, and I bring that same need to the business world. Covey suggests that people must “Begin with the end in mind.” In order to make goals happen, you have to set them and then stretch them. Determine the kind of year you want to have before you begin, before your first staff meeting, before your first organizational kick-off. It’s about the end in mind.

Think about what we could achieve if we put out hearts and minds into it! If we were motivated by passion, purpose, and leaving a lasting legacy. These are the first steps in developing meaningful and motivating goals, and the first steps in mastering your championship mindset and leading your teams and organizations to victory!

2. Dominate the Center Court – Where’s Pam?

I am busy onboarding new clients, booking new speaking and training gigs, diving into business development, streamlining processes in all of my businesses, coaching current clients, and attending my first Defiance College Board of Trustee meeting….for starters.

New keynote presentations and leadership training include Fortune Bay Casino, Media Minefield, Medtronic, Workiva, and 8 more pending opportunities in February. This is going to be a big 2019!

3. Defend the Backcourt – Lessons Learned

No one achieves any level of success without failures, mistakes, and setbacks. This is a part of life and where we learn the greatest lessons. Many times, what we perceive as failures are actually gifts in disguise. Trust me, I know…and I will share many of these hard-learned lessons with you in my blog. Just know that I would not be where I am today without them, and I am truly on top of the world! For starters, I share failures and setbacks that have never been told before in my book ON Point: A Coaches Game Plan For Life, Leadership and Performance With Grace Under Fire. 

4. Build Your Bench – Partnership Promotions

Philanthropy and giving back are as much a part of me as coaching, which is why I am so proud to announce the merging of my two non-profit organizations, TeamWomen and Empower Leadership Academy for Girls. This is all about turning a dream into reality and creating what’s possible…helping women from the classroom to the boardroom.

To learn more, please visit their websites.

5. Leverage the Locker Room – Spotlights & Shout-Outs

Please help me celebrate and congratulate the following:

  • Lindsay Whalen, Danielle O’Banion, Kelly Roysland – former players and now the new Gopher coaches!! #proud
  • Jan Ballman – sold her company Paradigm to Veritext Legal Solutions! #Rockstar
  • Tammy Block – she was elected to City Council for Rosemount! #Driven
  • Emily Fox – got engaged to Eric Miller! #alwayssmiling
  • Chuck Spevacek – Married Jennifer Olson! #bestie

Overtime – Personal Snapshots & Secrets

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